Minutes from SNA March 31 Meeting

This meeting was abbreviated because the church staff did not arrive to unlock the door for us. The group gathered on the grounds of the building and had a quick overview of some of the agenda items. We are going to reschedule the full meeting for a Monday in April to discuss the elections and the home decor presentation will take place then as well. Please check back for the update/new schedule. 

Call to order:  6:45 p.m.

  • President Ann Marie Gardner welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited anyone who is interested to serve on the Steering Committee, or any of the other committees.  There is currently an opening for Vice President, but interest in any of the positions is welcome.  Officer elections will be held at the next general meeting.
  • Members were reminded that it is time to renew annual dues, which are $50 per year per household.  The benefits of membership were discussed along with how the dues are used, which included paying for expenses related to the newsletter, welcome bags for new residents, web site fees, and for various social events throughout the year.  Checks should be made payable to SNA and mailed to Serenada Neighborhood Association, P.O. Box 3000 PMB 48, Georgetown, TX 78627.
  • Kiersty Lombar presented the Treasurer’s Report.  The current balance in the account is $621.73.  If you would like a copy of the complete report, please contact Ann Marie Gardner or Tom DePalermo, SNA Treasurer.
  • Hugh Norris discussed the issues affecting Serenada residents in regard to the growth and changes planned for the Georgetown Municipal Airport.  He answered questions and invited everyone to attend the next meeting with the Georgetown Transportation Advisory Board on April 11, 2014, at 10:00 a.m., located at the Municipal Complex, 300-1 Industrial Blvd., Georgetown.  For more information, please contact Mr. Norris at cnorris29@suddenlink.net.
  • At our next meeting, Kiersty Lombar and Tera Hampton will share insights on the real estate market in Georgetown, and tips on preparing your home for a quick sale.

Meeting adjourned:  7:15 p.m.

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SNA Advertising Policy

Policy Statement

Advertising/promotion on the SNA web site and/or other SNA publications, and at SNA events or meetings.

In keeping with the purpose and goals of the SNA (see below), this policy statement is prepared to provide guidance for advertising by businesses or individuals on the SNA web site or in publications, and on outside promotion at SNA meetings or events.

In general, SNA prohibits business/personal advertising or promotion in its publications or at SNA events, unless approved in advance by the president and one other board member.  Approval should be based on the following guidelines:

(We reserve the right to modify ads to conform to these guidelines.) 

  1. The ad/promotion will benefit the Serenada Neighborhood and/or its image within the broader Georgetown community.
  2. No political ads/promotions allowed, unless a meeting is held specifically for the purpose of meeting candidates in upcoming elections.  (All candidates must be invited.)
  3. No ad/promotion for full-time businesses conducted out of a Serenada home.
  4. No ad/promotion considered derogatory of or discriminatory to another person or business.
  5. No ad/promotion of a sexual nature or which contain profanity.
  6. Advertisers must sign a statement indicating that they are acting within the scope of their authority when placing the ad/promotion.
  7. No ad/promotion reproducing the trademarked or copyrighted material of any entity other than the one placing the ad.
  8. A service exchange may appear on the website for residents to promote neighborhood, non-full-time services they may perform (such as baby-sitting, alterations, lawn-mowing, tree trimming, etc.).  Bartering is encouraged.
  9. For ads/promotions meeting the approval of SNA, a fee schedule will be used to determine if and/or how much will be charged.

Approved by majority vote at the Serenada Neighborhood Association Board of Director’s meeting on October 8, 2013. Document was revised and signed             November 1, 2013

Ann Marie Gardner, SNA President

SNA Contact Information
Serenada Neighborhood Association
4217 Madrid Drive
Georgetown, TX  78628

Excerpt of Serenada Neighborhood Association Bylaws


SNA will seek to improve the quality of life in the Serenada neighborhood and to foster a close, genuine community of neighbors. SNA will strive to preserve the historic and unique character, amenities, and ecology of the community of Serenada. SNA will provide a forum for pursuance of its stated purpose and goals through meetings of its membership and committees, as well as via its electronic forums and newsletters.


The goals of SNA include but are not limited to the following:

  1. To keep residents and property owners informed of issues vital to the neighborhood by appropriate communications and meetings.
  2. To preserve the integrity of the residential character of the neighborhood and defend the perimeter, with attention to compatibility with adjoining commercial zone uses.
  3. To observe and work on land utilization and zoning issues that affect properties within the boundaries of the Serenada neighborhood and its adjoining areas.
  4. To help educate residents and property owners regarding options related to issues of home ownership, zoning, and rights.
  5. To promote the beautification of the Serenada community, including development and preservation of trees and natural landscaping.
  6. To help establish mutual protection and safety for residences and residents.
  7. To improve safety of our streets through better traffic and parking control.
  8. To foster an awareness by homeowners of the appearance of their dwellings and surrounding property and its impact on the Serenada community.
  9. To promote a favorable vision of Serenada to those living outside its boundaries
  10. To promote neighborhood recreation and activities.
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Serenada School Buses and Safety (Commentary from SNA Pres)

ImageThis post is inspired by two personal experiences and a few conversations and I’d like to put it out there for people to consider before our December 2 SNA meeting.

I am suggesting we consider a street light solution for students who are waiting for their morning school bus in the dark. My son does not ride a school bus because his pickup time was scheduled for 6:30am. I don’t have a problem with how GISD schedules things, but we would be waiting for the bus for most of the school year in the dark so I drive him myself at 7:45. Eventually however, schedules may change and in October, our area is pretty dark until nearly 8:00am.

Second, a few weeks ago, before we turned the clocks back, I was leaving for a morning appointment and I passed a father drinking his morning coffee while waiting with his daughter at the corner, again in the dark. She was an older student but I don’t believe most parents want to send kids out into the dark at any age, especially as a routine. Had he not had a light colored mug in his hand, I might not have seen them as I was driving by.

I recognize Serenada enjoys a very low level of light pollution but I also understand there are options for exterior lighting that could be timed and scheduled by month to make sure that at least these few “stations” in our neighborhood meet some kind of safety standard without being “on” all the time. Lights would only be necessary if it is dark between certain hours during certain months and I believe preventing even one accident is worth it.

I am going to talk to Commissioner Covey about street light issues and how things work and will report back at the Dec 2 meeting. Would appreciate any input or suggestions. Naturally if anyone wants to get involved, you are welcome.

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SNA Steering Committee Meeting

October 8, 2013 Minutes

Attending: Ann Marie Gardner, Tom DePalermo, Avis O’Connell, Dru Rington, Kiersty Lombar, Sandy Magruder

Meeting begun          7:00pm

Ann Marie Gardner requested a volunteer to take over the duties of Treasurer, until the next election, to replace Lori Anderson who resigned the position in September. To avoid any conflicts, Ann Marie will not handle those duties. Tom DePalermo volunteered for the job and all members approved. 

Ann Marie will send Tom all membership documentation on the Google drive and he will set up a meeting with outgoing Treasurer to transition documents and account information. 

Discussion was held regarding advertising on the SerenadaNews.com website. Tom DePalermo drafted a document with Background and Policies to provide a starting point. Participants discussed line item points to include highlights as follows:

  • No political advertisements are allowed for any reason.
  • SNA assumes no liability for exchanges of services or products.
  • SNA does not guarantee the services or products advertised.
  • SNA reserves the right to modify advertisements to comply with appropriate image and guidelines of the association; language or graphics.
  • Advertisements carry a fee of $25.00 per quarter. Money to be deposited in the general fund to cover costs not funded by membership fees.
  • Policy document will be available on the website and members/neighbors are encouraged to share the information with local retailers and businesses.
  • Due to traffic concerns, SNA will not accept advertising from full-time businesses operating out of a home within the Serenada boundaries.
  • We will add Google Analytics to the web site to provide data to potential advertisers on the ROI for their ads.
  • We will include a business directory (classifieds) for residents of Serenada. This includes services for trade or a fee such as grass cutting or babysitting. This is not for direct sales or other incorporated entities. 

Kiersty proposed that we modify our neighborhood communications. Discussed a monthly postcard that will reduce the cost of postage but increase the flow of information and contact with neighbors. 

The committee agreed to continue membership dues at $50. We will include a list of benefits and data to encourage new members and renewed members.

Kudos to Dru Rington for a successful SNA Community Yard Sale. The participants were double the number registered last year and a number of great sales were reported. 


Feel free to email questions or comments to amlg1024@suddenlink.net

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Second Annual Neighborhood-wide Garage Sale

Clear out your closets!  Clean out the attic!

When: Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013
Time: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Details: The Serenada Neighborhood Association will provide advertising through multiple sources and will also set up signs at Serenada entry points on the day of the sale. You supply the garage sales and the signs at the entrance to your street. All profit goes to individual garage sale participants.

There is power in numbers! Having a neighborhood-wide garage sale is a great way to attract customers to your sale. There will not be a better time this year to hold your garage sale!

If you are interested in participating, please email Snagaragesale2@gmail.com

Membership in the Serenada Neighborhood Assoc. is not required, however, if you are a member of SNA, the location of your garage sale will be exported into a map of garage sale locations which will be printed and provided to sale attendants. SNA Membership for the remainder of the year is a prorated price of $25.00. Annual membership is $50.00 Contact Ann Marie Gardner at serenadanews@gmail.com to become a member.

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SNA Picnic Sunday 9/22

DSC_0021Thanks to the folks who came to McCoy yesterday to enjoy the spectacular weather and playtime on the jungle gyms. All the kids got some arm and face artwork and moms and dads enjoyed some down time in the shade.



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SNA Meeting Minutes September 9, 2013

Meeting Minutes September 9 2013

Call to order 7:05pm

  • Ann Marie Gardner opened the meeting and invited Barbara Stoltenburg to the stage to recognize Kiersty Lombar for her service and support for the SNA during its founding and growth over the past two years.
  • Ann Marie announced that the spending report is available in hard copy at the meeting and will be posted on the website after the meeting.
    • Lori Anderson resigned the position as Treasurer as of September 9. She will provide services during the interim until we get another volunteer for the job.
    • Ann Marie discussed membership and the benefits afforded by paying annual dues. All residents receive the newsletter but there are email lists and other activities and communications that we feel are a benefit to membership.
  • PICNIC – Back to School Bash is scheduled for September 22 at 4:00pm at McCoy Elementary. The picnic is potluck and we are invited to visit inside the school in case of bad weather, or for tours. Reminder to all guests to please bring a trash bag or other means for us to clear out the trash after our event.
    • Karen and Mandy from Xplor in Georgetown spoke about facepainting and games they will provide for guests at the Bash. They are interested in community events and want to get to know the neighborhood.
  • YARD SALE – Scheduled for October 5th. Please contact Dru Rington for information. Email her at Dru.nogluten@gmail.com to let her know if you’ll be participating. Members in good standing will be identified on a neighborhood map for yard-salers.
  • Mr. Carl Norris discussed growth and changes at the Georgetown Municipal Airport. He expressed concerns about the expansion of air traffic and the types of aircraft that will be using the airfield. The plan is pending approval in the City Council. He is against the plan to expand and wanted the neighborhood to be aware of the effects of possible expansion. He provided several documents that will be uploaded to SerenadaNews.com.
  • Barbara Stoltenburg discussed volunteer opportunities at McCoy Elementary. She passed around a sign up sheet for anyone interested in one day or regular support.

Q&A with the guest panel convened at 7:30pm. Attendees on the stage were Williamson County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 Bill Gravell, Williamson County Commissioner Precinct 3 Valerie Covey, Georgetown City Council District 6 Rachel Jonrowe, and Georgetown City Council District 5 Jerry Hammerlun. Ann Marie Gardner thanked the panel for their time and willingness to visit and listen to resident concerns.

  1. Trees – Covey: the county can handle removal of dead or dying trees if they are in the right-of-way. Contact Valerie Covey’s office. They can not come onto private property to handle the task. Hammerlun: The city has the same policy. Unless the tree is in the right-of-way or threatening a utility. Jonrowe: city or county should be notified if there is a hazardous situation.
  2. Deer – Covey: If a deer is dead in the road, the county will remove it. Like trees, it must be in the right of way. They will not take a deer from a yard.Hammerlun: Referenced Sun City’s efforts to manage the deer removal. A resident spoke up and said that the Sun City method is very inhumane, with an attrition rate of nearly 80 percent.Jonrowe: Asked to please send her the data on the Sun City report so she can review the numbers.
  3. Tom DePalermo discussed the possibility of having brush pick-up by the city. Can the city extend that pickup service? Jonrowe: engaged discussion to follow up on the issue with Kathy Ragsdale of TDS.
  4. Madrid Drive Connection: This new road will cross the County/City line. Covey: the easement was established when the neighborhood was planned. There are currently 140 children in Serenada who attend McCoy Elementary. Mr. and Mrs. Ibarra, who live in the residence on that easement have concerns that traffic from the Village will come through Serenada. It will become an egress for those in the houses and there will be children walking to and from. Will there be enough room for safe pedestrian traffic? Covey: there will be 50 feet.  Discussed other connections; e.g., Verde Vista and also a trail for walkers. The next step is to survey the property lines and drainage potential specific to the Ibarra residence. This is a “must” step in the process. Ms. Covey is committed to hearing from residents and will address any questions/comments.
  5. Ann Marie Gardner mentioned the hazard mitigation plan for those concerned with flooding and other potential issues. Residents need to be sure to take photos and video of the flooding as close to the event as possible.Jonrowe: The City is looking at issues with new builders and loss of topsoil down to rock. She also provided the meeting schedules for the Georgetown Transportation Advisory Board.Hammerlun: the City Council just saw the airport plan two weeks ago. There are many more details still to be addressed; especially community impact.

    Covey: With regard to law enforcement and the county/city crossover, all residents call 9-1-1 for any safety issue.

    Gravell: For issues like speeding, the city and county work well together. The fines have already been increased where there is a specific need to be aware for the safety of children. Addressed concerns about there not being enough police presence to manage traffic violations. These have to take a back seat to criminal activity. The city is currently funded to hire 11 more officers, which will alleviate the backlog of investigations and managing criminal activity. The lack of quick response is not deliberate and traffic does matter, however, violent crime and domestic abuse is always going to be top priority.

  6. Water treatment plan – Jonrowe: the city has filed the necessary requests in opposition to the current proposal. Round Rock has as well. This is a State issue.  The annexation of Serenada, as a future topic, will help with issues like this.Covey: for all water issues, the officials need input from residents. The county will handle culverts, we need to take photos, identify structures or brush that divert water.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm

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